Netbiz does Cloud

Since the start of the Personal Computer revolution, computing has been PC-centric. Your documents, your applications, your storage, in fact everything you did with your computer was pretty much stuck on your computer, on your desk.

Cloud computing changes all that. Now you can create a document and store it online. You can create a virtual computer and load it with your favorite applications. The BIG difference being that your virtual computer is available online from any device, regardless of your location.

Using the cloud may or may NOT save you money. This is where Netbiz Publishing can help. Contact us today

Web Applications

We have shown our clients that great products need not be expensive.

We have extensive experience with the following systems:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Content Management
  • eCommerce & Payment gateway
  • Conference Registration
  • and much more

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Mobile Applications

A mobile application can either be an extension of your current business, or provide a new and extensible revenue source.

Whether you want to communicate to your conference delegates or want to provide your sales staff with access to your company information, mobile applications can lower the costs associated with doing business on the road and away from your office

Let us turn your idea for a mobile app into a lean, mean, business machine!